Writing is a lightweight distraction-free text editor.
Write text on the left, and the result is displayed on the right.

CTRL + D: toggle display mode (editor only, preview only or both-at-the-same-time)
CTRL + P: print or export as PDF
CTRL + S: save source code as .MD file
CTRL + SHIFT + O: open .MD file

CTRL + SHIFT + L: enable / disable LaTeX (i.e. math formulas)
CTRL + SHIFT + D: toggle dark mode
CTRL + SHIFT + R: toggle roman (LaTex-like) or sans-serif font
CTRL + SHIFT + H: show this help dialog

F11: full-screen (in most browsers)

Markdown syntax
This is *italic* and this is **bold**.
This is a [link](http://www.example.com/) and this is an ![image](imagelink.jpg).
Write code with `...` or by adding a 4-whitespace indent to the paragraph.
> This is a quote.

LaTeX syntax
This formula $x^2+1$ will be displayed inline.
This formula $$x^2+1$$ will be displayed in a new paragraph.

Specific syntax
\pagebreak will trigger a pagebreak when printing / exporting to PDF.

Made by @JosephErnest
Uses Pagedown, Pagedown Extra, MathJax, StackOverflow's editor code and the Computer Modern font.